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Overnight Boarding

Standard Suite

For 1 large dog or 2-3 smaller dogs.

Window Suite

For dogs who are used to more space. Great for more than 1 dog.


X-Large Suite

For dogs who love to lounge & require extra space.


Presidential Suite

For dogs needing a home away from home! Perfect for large packs.


Cots, soft beds, blankets, food & water bowls are provided. Each pup has a personal cart for their food, treats, toys, etc.

All prices include tax and are for single dogs. Each additional dog staying in the same suite is:

$20/dog per day

For all NEW guests, we require a scheduled 15-20 minute Meet & Greet. Call today to schedule!


All-Inclusive Resort

Providing excellent care in an atmosphere of love is our pledge to your dog. Safety and comfort are top priority. Cleanliness is a must! We fully disinfect each suite between stays. Dogs do not share water bowls or toys. Turf is disinfected weekly and lays over 6 inches of tiny gravel instead of soil.


Daily updates with videos are sent to make sure parent's know their pup is having the best stay possible.


Guests are given TONS of human attention in suites cuddling, on private walks, and in the yards playing. We do not socialize dogs because we are not a daycare and do not perform temperament tests. Dogs that come together stay and play together!


Wagging tails and happy hearts are what we want!

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